Onsite Pet Bloodwork Jamestown, NY
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Pet Spaying/Neutering for the Jamestown, NY Area

Falconer Veterinary Clinic, PLLC provides a full slate of veterinary services, including pet spaying and pet neutering. Whether it’s time for a vaccination, or your pooch took a spill at night and you fear broken bones, you can feel confident when choosing us every time. We provide emergency care, wellness and preventive care, and onsite pet bloodwork for the Jamestown, NY area. No matter what service you and your pet require, you can trust in Falconer Veterinary Clinic. If you would like to schedule a pet spraying, pet neutering or other pet health service, feel free to call us today!

From Pet Vaccinations to Tick Control & More, We Do It All!

• Pet Vaccinations • Tick Control • Pet Lyme Disease Vaccine & Testing • Onsite Bloodwork • Pet Spraying • Pet Neutering

No matter what sort of care your pet needs, call Falconer Veterinary Clinic for the best and most knowledgeable care. 
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